UX Designer & Developer (Consultant)


  • Designed and assisted in implementation of company’s first mobile site. As a result, a previously out-of-control bounce rate was brought in line with the rest of the site.
  • Provided strategic vision and spearheaded movement towards a simpler/clearer site structure, that would increase eCommerce opportunities.
  • Introduced company to UX methodology & techniques, including user research, user interviews, persona creation, design studio, and prototyping.
  • As de facto Director of UX, worked directly with founders, VP of Product, and VP of Engineering for a startup with no prior UX culture, and helped identify and interview replacement.
  • Activities: User research; design strategy; UX/UI design; mobile design; design studio; sketching; prototyping
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; PHP; JavaScript w/jQuery & templates; Photoshop

UX Designer & Developer (Consultant)

Happy Cog

  • Recently completed second engagement as a UX director, work with ADP on multiple enterprise-level applications.
  • Produced IA, concept, and functional HTML5+CSS3 prototype of the Mozilla Community Map, which is now Mozilla’s Community page.
  • Introduced and helped codify design studio techniques for use by UX team.
  • Activities: User research; UX/UI design; design studio; enterprise design; sketching; prototyping
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; PHP; JavaScript w/jQuery/Dojo/JIT; Photoshop

UX Designer & Developer (Consultant)

The Gilt Group

  • Embedded with UX Team as prototyper/interaction designer, working on Gilt.com v2.0.
  • Worked directly with Director of User Experience and product managers, providing design insight, while providing education and exposure to a prototype-centric methodology.
  • Provided rapid prototyping for successive iterations of design and usability testing during high-visibility redesign.
  • Activities: Interaction design; eCommerce; rapid prototyping; live prototyping
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; PHP; JavaScript w/jQuery & templates; Photoshop

Strategic Board Advisor, UX Designer & Developer (Advisor & Consultant)

Rosenfeld Media

  • Principal designer and architect for v2.0 of UX Zeitgeist.
  • Changing scope and strategy of UX Zeitgeist, to increase salience in the UX community.
  • Activities: Product strategy; UX design; sketching; prototyping; Rails development
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; PHP; Ruby on Rails; JavaScript w/jQuery; Photoshop

UX Designer & Developer (Consultant)


  • Engaged as principal presentation layer architect for all future projects.
  • Active practitioner in all stages of research, design, and presentation.
  • Activities: UX design; design studio; sketching; prototyping
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; PHP; JavaScript w/jQuery/YUI3; Photoshop

User Experience Consultant

Night Agency, New York, NY

  • Initially brought in to create wireframes and design the experience for a major mutual fund company’s website.
  • Repeat engagement, on a per-client basis, assisting in creation of wireframes and conceptualization of out-of-the-box user experiences.
  • Educated and advanced user experience and interaction design paradigm.
  • Provided UX Strategy and IA deliverables for VanKampen.com, FilenesBasement.com, and Purex.com.
  • Activities: Design strategy; social strategy; information architecture; competitive analyses; site maps; wireframing

Senior Interface Engineer (Consultant)

Schematic, New York, NY

  • Multi-project engagement, building front-end templates for agency’s major corporate clients.
  • Wrote mini-JavaScript API for interaction with Flash elements for Vevo.
  • Built fully interactive HTML/CSS templates for multiple projects, followed by integration of these templates into .NET architecture.
  • Co-developed fully functional prototype for use in UX trials.
  • Links: Vevo.com, LaneFurniture.com, BroyhillFurniture.com
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; PHP, ASP.NET; JavaScript w/jQuery; Photoshop

Senior Web Developer (Consultant)

Time, Inc., New York, NY

  • Had enviable role of roaming gnome, working on most titles on an as-needed basis; these included: Real Simple, Health, InStyle, MyRecipes, and MyHomeIdeas.
  • Primary front-end developer for RealSimpleRealLife.com, Recipes.Health.com, TVFan.EW.com (discontinued).
  • Educated and advanced user experience and web interaction paradigm.
  • Activities: Front-end development; interaction design; prototyping; Rails development
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; Ruby/PHP; Ruby on Rails; JavaScript w/YUI/jQuery/Prototype/MooTools

Senior Interface Engineer (Consultant)

IconNicholson, New York, NY

  • Developed front-end solutions and prototypes for multiple concurrent projects in disparate environments.
  • Assisted in implementing variations of front-end code for Valspar Paint website, and developed new front-end HTML/CSS/JSP templates for their Cabot Stains website.
  • Front-end development using HTML/CSS/JavaScript for various clients including MasterCard, Regeneron, and Robin Hood.
  • Activities: Front-end development; interaction design
  • Links: Valspar, Cabot Stains, MasterCard En Español, MasterCard Worldwide, CAPS Online Education Network (discontinued)
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; Ajax/JSON; JSP & ASP.NET; JavaScript w/YUI2/MooTools; Interwoven; Python; Photoshop

Lead Web Interface Developer (Consultant)

Bright Pages, LLC, New York, NY

  • Short-term engagement as principal web interface developer for their brightpages.com product.
  • Implemented HTML/CSS/JavaScript in JSP and GWT environments for early development of their 2.0 site.
  • Activities: Front-end development; interaction design; prototyping
  • Technologies: HTML/XHTML/CSS; JSP; JavaScript w/Prototype/script.aculo.us; Photoshop

Information Architect & User Experience Lead (Consultant)

Standard & Poor’s, New York, NY

  • Was engaged as UI/UX design and technology expert for top-tier rating agency’s overhaul of one of the ratings process management system.
  • Created mockups and built functional front-end prototype for an in-house reporting web application.
  • Conducted reviews and provided recommendations for user interface changes for multiple stand-alone and web applications.
  • Activities: Product strategy; UI design; user research; heuristic analyses; prototyping; usability testing; wireframing
  • Technologies: JavaScript; HTML/XHTML/CSS; Photoshop

Web Interface Developer & Interaction Designer (Consultant)

Standard & Poor’s, New York, NY

  • Built functional prototype, HTML templates, and CSS stylesheets for new eCommerce product, using wireframes and Photoshop mockups alone.
  • Advised and implemented shift in web development paradigm for future of Advisor Insight product, by modeling a front-end interface which could mimic variable back-ends with minimal interaction between.
  • Worked on extending cross-browser compatibility for their various web applications.
  • Began work on addressing ADA accessibility concerns for certain web applications.
  • Activities: Front-end development; HTML prototyping; interaction design
  • Links: Advisor Insight
  • Technologies: JavaScript w/prototype/DOM scripting; HTML/XHTML/CSS; Photoshop

Information Architect & Web Developer (Consultant)

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS, San Diego, CA

  • Completely redesigned and restructured website with focus on standardization and modularization, and implementation of dynamic content.
  • Shifted large portions of the site to purely dynamic content, using PHP and MySQL.
  • Created first Admin interface (PHP) to allow layman updates to website.
  • Links: www.lfjcc.org // sdcjc.lfjcc.org // jpride.lfjcc.org // Camp Jaycee
  • Technologies: PHP; Python; MySQL; JavaScript; HTML/XHTML/CSS; Acrobat & Photoshop

Test & Product Development & Design (Consultant)

RoyaltyShare, Inc., San Diego, CA

  • Initiated first broad testing program for royalty tracking system website, and wrote scripts for automated testing and analysis of website.
  • Worked directly with CTO in testing and guiding future product development of Royalty Tracking System.
  • In process of creating comprehensive test plans and completing product specification documentation.
  • Activities: Technical writing; black & white box testing; QA methodology education
  • Technologies: MySQL; Python; JavaScript; HTML/XHTML/CSS; XML; Black & White Box Testing

Software Test Engineer (Consultant)

Sligo Computer Services, Inc., Remote

  • Initiated first testing program for Maryland Report Card website, and wrote scripts for automated testing and analysis of website.
  • Began implementation of first bug-tracking system for multiple projects.
  • Technologies: Python; HTTP; XML; HTML/XHTML/CSS parsing

Software Test Engineer (Consultant)

Ankura, Herzliya, Israel

  • Setup and maintained several test machines, created first database for bug tracking, and performed black and white box testing of their MIXM product.
  • Increased product performance and functionality through analysis and fine-tuning of its DHTML code.

Product Development / Campaign Manager / Extranet Developer

eZula, Inc., San Francisco, CA

  • Worked with Executive Team in design, development, and implementation of both the user-interface (web) and back-end (database) for their ezManager extranet client application.
  • Developed and tested various components of ezManager application.
  • Worked directly with principle software architects to push forward ezManager development.
  • Technologies: SQL/Access; VBScript/JavaScript; ASP/ADO; HTML/XHTML/CSS

Content Engineer / Catalog Analyst

EoExchange, Inc., San Francisco, CA

  • Created tools as well as a testing suite for Content Team, and developed automation scripts for tracking and monitoring of content, as well as for delivery of e-mail notifications.
  • Designed, developed, and maintained Team’s Intranet, and managed over a dozen separate databases on several machines.
  • Technologies: SQL/ObjectStore; VBScript/JavaScript/Perl; ASP/ADO; HTML/XHTML/CSS/XML


Experience Design and Application Development

  • Experience Design: Prototyping (Paper & HTML), design studio, wireframing, design patterns, contextual inquiry, User-centered design (UCD), UX strategy
  • Social Media: Social media strategy, social interaction design (SxD), social networking site, Twitter API
  • Programming Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, T-SQL, Visual Basic, VBScript, WSH
  • Standards & Accessibility: Web standards, accessibility, ADA standards, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Development Tools: PHP, ASP, Ajax, ADO, XML/XSLT, HTML/XHTML, CSS, DOM/client/server-side scripting
  • JavaScript Frameworks: YUI2/3, jQuery, Prototype, MooTools
  • RDBMS: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000, Microsoft Access
  • OS/Platforms: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/ME/2003, Unix/Linux, Mac OS X, DOS
  • Testing: Black & White Box testing, test-automation scripting
  • Productivity: Comfortable with most Microsoft & Adobe/Macromedia applications, OmniGraffle

Academic and Analytical

  • Primary, secondary, library, and Internet research
  • Analytical and professional writing and editing
  • Proficiency in Hebrew: Read/Write