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Jonathan “Yoni” Knoll

Principal, Designer+Architect

Jonathan is an experience designer who has spent more than a decade engaged in nearly every facet of software design and implementation. He brings UX deliverables to life through his extensive knowledge of prototyping, and his skills have been brought to bear for Nasdaq, Standard & Poor’s, The Gilt Group, Happy Cog, and many others. He’s rocked the UX casbah on projects for S&P, Mozilla, Time, Purex, Keds, Gilt, and ADP, and his solutions have a penchant for seeing the light of day.

He's served as an advisor for Rosenfeld Media as well as the IA Institute, and as the man behind the UX scene, Jonathan has been responsible for over a dozen IxDA and IA Institute websites, and he served as Technical Director for Interaction12 in Dublin.

Jonathan has also led workshops on collaborative sketching and prototyping at IDEA, Interaction, IA Summit, and Big Design conferences.

Jonathan has a masters degree in Comparative Political Science from the University of California, San Diego. While at UCSD, he sought to improve research methodology by using available technologies to work more efficiently in the study of comparative electoral systems, voter strategy, and other related sub-fields.

When he’s not working, Jonathan builds ball pits for his children and garden boxes for his food.

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